Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My favourite car.. =)


Hey! today I'm going story about my favourite.My favourite is car. I was excited to story about this! HAHA... =) Many people when they are little want an amazing car like a Ferrari or Mercedes, but I like to keep simple. I want to buy myself a Honda Civic Type R, which means to have a really strong engine and looking nice. This is a goal I want to accomplish in six years or less.

I understand why people would want an exotic car, because they are nice and fast, but come on! realistically I would say the number of people live in Malaysia has their own an exotic car is lowest. People that are born rich already have their dream car by the time they have the age to drive, but unfortunately my parents aren't rich and I'm not enough to have save that much money for now. These are the reasons why I would want to have a nice simple car.

I want a Honda Civic because they are nice, and run really good and fast. Honda gets a bigger engine it may run even faster than some exotics car. I like this kind of car because I think I can afford to buy it... =)
My goals in my life are pretty simple. I like to keep things easy, I wouldn't want to waste my life for a car that will only be useful for a couple of years. I'd rather buy my favourite car and enjoy it for a long time than waste my life and time for my dream car. 

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